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Membership is a great practical way to support the work of the Conservative Party. It’s also an excellent way to meet politically like-minded people at our many social events and become involved in campaigns that make a difference to your local community. As a member of the party, you will have the chance to:

  • Help shape the Party’s future through the Conservative Policy Forum (see link above)
  • Vote in any elections for the Leader of the Party and take part in the selection of Conservative candidates for Parliamentary, Local Government and European elections.
  • Have the chance to become a councillor or join a local campaign team and gain experience of grassroots political campaigning.

Membership of the Conservative Party is a recommended minimum of £20 a year, or £5 if under 22 years of age. Subscriptions from members are used to support campaigning locally and the Party at national level. Please complete the sign-up form below, download the form or email for a membership form to be sent to you.

Other ways in which you can get involved locally include:

  • As a Deliverer: You would be responsible for an area of houses and would deliver newsletters those houses when needed, (probably four times a year – plus extra deliveries at election time).
  • As a Canvasser: You would carry out surveys/canvassing in your area in order to gain information about voting intentions, worries and concerns etc, enabling us to campaign effectively.
  • As a Fundraiser: You would help to organise one or many of the varied social events that take place throughout the year in order to help the branch reach its fundraising target.
  • As a Branch Committee Member: The committee is responsible for building up membership, raising money, communicating with the electorate and campaigning to win elections. As one of the volunteer members of the committee, you would help to oversee these important tasks.



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